What is #HungerGames24?

What exactly is #HungerGames24??

That’s the question of the hour, scorching through Tributes’ minds like a coal-black dress just waiting to be illuminated by electric fire. Well, we’ll spell it out for you!

As HungerGamesDWTC.net reports:

In celebration of this momentous occasion the Capitol with the generous support of Nook by Barnes and Noble is offering some lucky fans the opportunity to see the film even sooner at 24 Advanced Screenings! But only if the odds are in your favor at the reaping! ;)

So, how do you get you get one of these golden tickets? And where will these advanced screenings be taking place? Well that all depends on the support citizens show for #HungerGames24.

Take a hovercraft to http://screenings.thehungergamesmovie.com/ where you will find a listing of cities. You’ll notice that each city listed has a unique hashtag associated with it. Find the locale closest to you and tweet it’s hashtag to help unlock Advanced Screening locations. Starting on March 1, the top four cities with the most hashtag traffic will be announced and then fans will be allowed to enter for a chance to win tickets to see The Hunger Games at those locations.

Thanks to the generosity of 12 Sponsors, 24 fans will have the opportunity to win a pair of tickets to see the film in each locale. The Screenings are currently scheduled to take place on March 21, 2012.

Are you ready to represent for your city??

Head to http://screenings.thehungergamesmovie.com/ and start tweeting!

So what cities are up for Advanced Screenings? DWTC tells us:

Boston #hungergames24BOS

Philadelphia #hungergames24PHI

Washington D.C. #hungergames24DC

Charlotte #hungergames24CHA

Atlanta #hungergames24ATL

Miami #hungergames24MIA

Detroit #hungergames24DET

Cleveland #hungergames24CLE

Cincinnati #hungergames24CIN

Nashville #hungergames24NAS

Minneapolis #hungergames24MIN

Chicago #hungergames24CHI

St. Louis #hungergames24STL

Kansas City #hungergames24KC

Dallas #hungergames24DAL

Houston #hungergames24HOU

San Antonio #hungergames24SA

Denver #hungergames24DEN

Salt Lake City #hungergames24SLC

Phoenix #hungergames24PHX

Seattle #hungergames24SEA

Portland #hungergames24POR

San Francisco #hungergames24SF

San Diego #hungergames24SD

So there you have it. The World is Watching. May the odds be ever in your city’s favor!

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