Hunger Games theme park?

There are some rumors out there about the potential for a Hunger Games theme park. If The Hunger Games were to follow in the footsteps of Harry Potter in this way would you go visit?  I think it might be quite a challenge to create such a place in good taste as it is set in a dystopian world, not a magical realm of wonder.  See the below arguments for by The Examiner and let us know if you think they are compelling!

Here’s what The Examiner has considered theme-park friendly aspects of The Hunger Games:

  • Nature-A large part of the story happens in the wild. Not only is it survival against other people, but it’s a survival against nature. In one part of the book our hero Katniss signals someone else using mockingbirds. Perhaps Busch Gardens Tampa could play a part in this. After all the company has a long history of conservation and helping to preserve wildlife. Maybe the park could do a “Hunger Games” attraction based on surviving in the wild.
  • Choreographed fighting-The first half of the Hunger games involves learning survival skills, while the second half is all about bloodshed. Maybe we strip away the realism and go for the simple fact that this is a movie. Universal Studios Florida or Disney’s Hollywood Studios could do a choreographed stunt show that gives guests a glimpse into how the actors not only learned to fight, but how those fights were brought to the screen
  • The fashion and design-The film takes place in a different society where a lot of the fashion choices are quite different and unique. A museum type of attraction could show off not only the outfits from the movies, but also give a look into what it took to design the sets and more interesting pieces of the movie, such as the Capital
  • Build the world-Of course theme park companies could go the “to hell with it” route and build an all encompassing world. Create a wooded area with attractions such as archery practice, and a walk through the actual set of Katniss’s house. Then a reenactment of “The Reaping” and everyone boards a train. The train could use technology that makes it seem like we are traveling through the countryside and into the capital, though we will most likely go only a few thousand feet (much like the upcoming Harry Potter expansion at Universal Orlando will have). Attractions that are based around training and survival skills could prepare us all for our own theme park version of the Hunger Games-an all out laser tag battle in which we fire “laser tag bows” and hit each other with cushioned swords and sticks.
What do you think? I think this is what I agree with most, again from the same post:
Not having read the books, it’s really difficult to envision the world as Suzanne Collins has seen, and to imagine any theme park attractions that could actually work on the same level as The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Besides, just because a property is hugely successful doesn’t mean it has the same impact or effect as something like Harry Potter. Look at Twilight. Would you really want to place yourself in a world where everyone frowns and the vampires sparkle? Okay…maybe some of you would. But in the grand scheme of things, it’s not the best idea for a theme park attraction.
Make sure you read the complete story HERE

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