Haymitch + Effie = Heffie

With Peeniss and Glato going on with reckless abandon, we turn our attention to a pretty popular ship: Heffie (that’s Haymitch and Effie). This one got some serious legs in the movie, with plenty of sexual tension at some points and “old married couple”-ish behavior in others.

Look at this stunning image from crystalshinigami-kum.deviantart.com. Yeah, that pretty much sums up the nature of Haymitch and Effie.

Best Haymitch-Effie lines:

Haymitch: Loosen up your corset, have a drink.

Haymitch: Nice dress. Not yours (indicating Effie).

Effie: THAT IS MAHOGANY! (of course!)

But perhaps the most telling one isn’t even a funny line. It’s when Effie DOES have a little to drink and seems to loosen up a bit. Do you all remember that? She says, in a kind of seductive voice:

“Oh Hayyymitch…” before he sits down like he’s joining a brunch at the country club.

There’s something going on there. We can sense it. And we love it!

4 responses to “Haymitch + Effie = Heffie

  1. I’m ready a Heffie story right now called Of Perfume, Liquor, and Baby Bottles. It’s a Heffie baby fic on fanfiction!

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