All the Tributes’ Chariot Outfits, District 1-12

We wanted to show you all the outfits the tributes wore in the chariot procession, but we actually found something much better: the outfits AND some hilarious commentary from

I’m just going to let you read her commentary from top to bottom:

omg can we just appreciate these tributes outfits

like district 1 are vegas dancers

and district 2 thinks they’re in gladiator

and district 3 is something out of a lady gaga video

district 4, well, it could be worse

case in point, see district 5

what the fuck district 6

district 7 and their origami

i’m so sorry district 8

is the boy tribute from 9 supposed to be a dalek or


wow really creative for 11


I just love that!

23 responses to “All the Tributes’ Chariot Outfits, District 1-12

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  2. I always wanted 2 c the outfits!!!
    the other districts look really stupid (except 4 district 11)

  3. to be honest i like district 2’s costumes, but my fave district is 8 cuz i like to be different :P

  4. to answer all of the dumb questions lets start with the meaning of the costumes

    1. Luxury- the cashmere and velvet are luxurious items
    2. Masonry- The viking outfits represent war… well there ya go
    3. Technology ( my fav costumes ) – they have on metals which is what technology is basically made of
    4. fishing- They have clams and pearls on they’re headdresses
    5. Power- those are solar panels around they’re heads… figure the rest out
    6. transportation- they are dressed like moons, which represents the first man landing on the moon
    7. lumber- lumber makes paper..
    8. textiles ( 2nd favorite )- all the patterns and colors are like textiles, in which can be arranged in a series of patterns.
    9. grain- they have grain seeds on their coats an headpieces
    10. Livestock- self explanatory
    11.Agriculture- silver grain on their heads and overalls represent a farmer
    12. Mining- black suits represent coal

    If you cant read this my favs are districts 3, 8, and 10

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