Josh Hutcherson Salutes You

This gif, which comes courtesy of is pretty self-explanatory: Josh Hutcherson is sending a Salute Rue your way!

Thanks so much, Josh! Now WTF Liam … why aren’t you saluting, too?

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There’s A Rebuttal For That – Complaint #19

I’ll show you a three fingered salute…

Complaint #19 – The 3 finger salute did not start in District 12, it was from 11 and didn’t appear till later in the book!!

TFGeekGirl, TheFandom.Net – Wrong! The first time the salute is explained in the book is exactly how it was shown in the movie.  Katniss volunteers and they give her the salute, so yes, in the books, you hear about it from District 12 first, not 11.

Adam, HG Fireside Chat – It’s a slight change, but I think an effective one. They don’t have the ability on screen to explain everything, so sometimes you have to make slight alterations to feature something as amazing as the three-fingered salute. If they had done a backstory from District 11. it would have hurt the film in pacing and other ways. I think this way was fine!

Aldrin, Down With The Capitol – The salute is actually in line with the book and it originates from District 12 citizens. District 12 doesn’t clap for Katniss for volunteering at the Reaping, they instead stay silent and give her the salute, meaning thanks, admiration, and goodbye to a loved one. When she uses it after Rue’s death, it’s Katniss’ way of showing solidarity between District 12 and 11.

Savanna, HG Fireside Chat – No. What you see play out in the movie is exactly what happens in the book. The entirety of District 12 gives Katniss the three-finger salute after she volunteers for Prim at the Reaping. That’s the first time we learn about the salute. It seems to be a common gesture amongst all the Districts — or at least Districts 11 and 12.

Tanvi, Hunger Games Network - I believe this might be because the District 11 salute stands out against the District 12 one, but read the books carefully again. No deviation here.


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