‘Hunger Games’ stars to appear at select Walmart midnight release parties

If you live in Dallas, Miami, Phoenix, Santa Clarita or Atlanta you might want to head to Walmart to attend their Hunger Games midnight release party.  These cities will have a special appearance by one of the cast members, see who below!

Parties held at Walmart stores will be themed to the Districts in The Hunger Games and will feature giveaways, movie trivia, and the chance to win exclusive prizes. Select stores will also feature appearances by cast members. Leven Rambin (Glimmer) will appear in Dallas, TX; Alexander Ludwig (Cato) heads to Miami, FL; Willow Shields (Prim) appears in Phoenix, AZ; Dayo Okeniyi (Thresh) will appear in Santa Clarita, CA; and an unknown cast member will appear at a store in Atlanta, GA.

Thanks to The Examiner for this information!  See entire story HERE.

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Seneca Crane finds the Burn Book

High school gossip strikes Panem! Here is another meme courtesy of the incomparable Meangirlsofpanem tumblr! Seneca Crane has found the Burn Book and look what scandal he discovered.

Of course Glimmer would be in this one, wouldn’t she?

If you haven’t yet visited this AWESOME tumblr you should consider doing so. It’s full of funny stuff!

They’re Not the Enemy

This has been a huge point of contention in Hunger Games circles: Are the Careers evil, and is it wrong to celebrate their deaths? On the one hand, they are out to kill Katniss (and seem to take pleasure in doing so), but at the same time, is it their fault when they’ve been raised and brainwashed to think this way?

In this creative illustration from athousandyearsflyby.tumblr.com, the message seems to be in favor of it not being their fault. By re-creating an image that looks somewhat like the four Careers in training, yet using the actors’ photos instead of their characters, the artist helps us identify more with these District 1 and 2 tributes as real people.

What do you think: Should we blame them or the Capitol, or some combination of the two?

Breathtaking Art from mpdtcastelo

We stumbled upon some extraordinary Hunger Games sketches from the immensely talented mpdtcastelo on deviantart:

We especially love the grass around her boots, the forest backdrop, and the determined look on Katniss’s face.

It’s easy to forget how Glimmer and Katniss both have the archery thing in common. Glimmer’s face here shows a range of expressions, from trained killer to nice sorority girl. Who is the real Glimmer?

Here, Cato and Clove look pretty fierce — as they should. Alexander Ludwig played a softer version of Cato, but there was still plenty of intensity. We feel the same vibe from this fantastic sketch.

See all her Hunger Games art HERE!

From Glimmer to Clarisse

We’re going to be seeing more of Leven Rambin on the big screen!  We all know her for her role as Glimmer, the District 1 Career Tribute (and Cato’s love interest a la Hollywood), and now she has landed a starring role in a film!  It was announced that she will be playing Clarisse in the upcoming Percy Jackson movie The Sea of Monsters.  If you are familiar with Percy Jackson you will know that this character might be a great fit for her.  Clarisse is a well trained fighter, being the daughter of Ares and all, much like a Career Tribute (of course there are many differences as well, but they are both warriors!).  We’re certain she will do great!

Here’s an excerpt from Cinema Blend’s report:

Rambin’s newest role won’t just be in another big, effects-heavy potential blockbuster, but it’ll be a lead this time. According to Variety she’s been cast in a major role in Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters, playing Clarisse, the daughter of Ares– who, if you either know your Greek mythology or saw Clash of the Titans, is the God of War.

The movie is a sequel, of course, to Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, which wasn’t a particularly big hit domestically when it opened in February 2012, but with international money made a respectable $226 million. Logan Lerman will be returning in the title role, as will Alexandra Daddario and Brandon T. Jackson in their supporting parts, but a number of new adult actors have been brought in for this sequel, including Nathan Fillion, Missi Pyle,Community‘s Yvette Nicole Brown and Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s Anthony Head.

We offer our congratulations to Leven, here’s to a promising career!

Exclusive – Katniss drunk texts Cato!

Here’s an interesting case of mistaken identity! Looks like Katniss was feeling amorous at 3 a.m. so decided to text her love, Peeta.  Interestingly enough she accidentally texted Cato! We didn’t even know she had his number! Well, it’s nice to see Cato is open to that sort of thing; we thought he hated her.  Let’s just hope Katniss was able to get some texts out to Peeta before her battery died and that he doesn’t find out about this!

Seneca Crane’s Beard on Careers

This is just absolutely ridiculous, and that’s why we love it!

Thank silvestrate.tumblr.com for this laugh.

Come to think of it, we could see Cato and Marvel rocking that beard in the Capitol someday, all while eating a piece of pig their pal Seneca Crane ordered. It really is too bad they all had to die.

It really doesn’t become Clove at all, though. She should grab one of her knives and shave it off while sneering viciously.

Speaking of Seneca Crane’s beard, we posted THIS earlier today.

Cato + Glimmer = Glato

This Cato-Glimmer ship (coined as Glato) is sailing bigtime, and it doesn’t look like it’s stopping anytime soon. In fact, it’s turned into a funny fandom war between Glato and Cave shippers (FYI, Cave does NOT mean Peeta and Katniss in the cave. It’s Cato + Clove).

Here’s an image expressing support for Glato:

That comes courtesy of fireiseverything.tumblr.com, and as you can see, it features Alexander Ludwig and Leven Rambin in their natural form. (Yes, those two are reportedly an item as well).

This second one shows them in their Cato and Glimmer attire:

It comes from glimmeries.tumblr.com (That is a pretty Glimmerous tumblr name!) We love the red shading and poetry faded into the top.

Yeah, we admit it. We are all about Glato too. Don’t judge!

Hunger Games Interview Dresses!

Thanks to Hannah Russell of famousfashion099.tumblr.com, we have a collage of interview dresses!

Which one looks the best?? And obviously, you can see Katniss’s dress (red … Twirl!) and Glimmer’s (pink). Who can identify the others?

You can see how to purchase these here on polyvore.

Glimmer Glimmer on the Wall, Who is the Most Glimmerous of Them All?

If you’ve been paying attention to Tumblr, Twitter, and everything else going on in The Hunger Games universe, people have gotten pretty caught up with Glimmer. Yes, she’s the sexy District 1 tribute played by Leven Rambin. Here’s an artistic version of her in the Games by actofmadness.tumblr.com:

Why so much fascination for an evil chick who can’t shoot arrows as well as Katniss and was raised her whole life to volunteer for the Games? Well, for one thing, Gary Ross encouraged her and Cato (Alexander Ludwig) to flirt during the movie — and we think that made her more human. Suddenly, she wasn’t just some blonde-haired bitch trying to kill people.

Then, throw in Cato’s monologue at the end of the film. It really drives home the point that these Careers may not be as innately bad as we all thought. In fact, they’ve been born and bred to be killers without ever having a chance to discover their true selves. Imagine if your entire life path was to become victor: You would turn into what they are, even if you were a nice person. That makes her even more human.

And then — and this is what’s so spellbinding — the way these Careers are trained to slip in and out of character. In the Games they are vicious, taunting murderers, but at the interviews with Caesar Flickerman, they seem like the most likable people in the world. Which game are they playing, and which one — if they had a real choice — would they really be?

Here’s Glimmer smiling for the audience, appearing in high fashion (image courtesy of may-the-odds-be-in-ur-favour.tumblr.com). She looks completely likable (which we know is NOT what she’s like otherwise). Beautiful, fun-loving. Maybe this could have been her entire life had she been born to more fortunate circumstances.

Adding to all this craze is the fact that Leven Rambin has been so engaging in interviews, and — to the delight of many in the fandom — secretly romancing Alexander Ludwig. It’s an on-screen off-screen ship, an OMG development that has cost the global economy several billion dollars of wasted work and school time (it’s true. We have stats to prove it!) And really, how can you hate a sweet girl who looks like this (image courtesy of p4.tumblr.com)?

So when you look at Glimmer, what do you see? Is she an evil District 1 tribute who you hate with every fiber of your being? Is she a damsel in a bizarre, Panem-style of distress desperately in need of saving? Our only regret is that she’s no longer going to be a part of the franchise, because she’s so freaking interesting!

To the rest of your career, Leven Rambin, we say this genuinely and earnestly: May the odds be ever in your favor.

(And your love life with Alexander Ludwig too.)