Our Friend Kiersten

Here’s the latest video from our friend (and super huge Hunger Games fan) Kierstenm, make sure you watch this!  It is not only very funny (everything she does is) but it is also so true to many of us (probably what makes it so funny!).

In addition to that, Kiersten got a much deserved mention on Episode 50 of Hunger Games Fireside Chat for being such an awesome fan, see below for her very gracious thank you to everyone:

Thank You Everyone!

Tonight I received a special thanks from the hosts on the HG Fireside Chat. Everyone in the chat room joined in by telling me how much they appreciate my loyalty and that I deserved the appreciation. I started crying. This is probably the lamest thing anyone has every typed on Tumblr but oh well. When I first got into The Hunger Games, I honestly couldn’t put it down. I read them all in a week and then read them all again, crying each time. I started searching and learning more things about it on Google and followed the process of the movies from the very first announcement of the making of the movie on EW. I then discovered the HG Fireside Chat. The first episode I listened to had to be around the early 20s. I started chatting and created a Tumblr, and eventually made friends around the world, which honestly, scared the hell out of me because I’ve never met them in person. Over time, I realized that they aren’t to bad. They were just fans like me, excited to see their favorite book turned into a fantastic movie. When I first got mentioned  on the show for a question I asked, I blushed and didn’t know what to expect. I’ve spent most of my time being overlooked at anyways, so being noticed was a huge deal. When Savanna and Adam thanked me personally on the show tonight, saying my first and last name, I started crying. It really changes you when you are noticed for just being supportive for the fandom and fansites. Thank you to everyone who thanked me. And a HUGE thank you to everyone who hosts and is in charge of the HG Fireside Chat. (:



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Take Me To The Hunger Games Premiere!!!

Our friend kiers10m really, REALLY wants to go to the Hunger Games premier, but most contests require you to be at least 18, which she is not.  Watch as she gives 10 reasons why she should win tickets to the premier, and they are quite compelling!  Can someone help a girl out?!!