Tributes from The Hunger Games Movie Reunite!

Jack Quaid (Marvel), Dayo Okeniyi (Thresh), Amandla Stenberg (Rue), and Jackie Emerson (Foxface) had a mini reunion last night. Check out this adorable and hilarious video that Jack posted on his Vine!

I love seeing how they have all formed long lasting friendships from the movie!

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Dayo Okeniyi, Jack Quaid become friends with fan sites

As we’ve said before, one of the great things about The Hunger Games is how cool the actors and actresses have been, especially when it comes to dealing with fans. Well, that couldn’t have possibly been more true than on Friday at midnight, when Dayo Okeniyi (Thresh) and Jack Quaid (Marvel) hung out with Courtney from Welcome to District 12, Tiffany from Victor’s Village, Beth from, Erin and Elena from HGMovieSite/Fangirlish, and — serving as emcee — the GREAT Aldrin (aka District 2 Mayor) from Down With the Capitol. Just watch and smile!

Here’s an excerpt from Welcome to District 12’s post. Read the full thing HERE!

Last Friday night we attended the Santa Clarita Walmart Hunger Games DVD release party! While many fans lined up outside of the Walmart answering trivia questions and eating cupcakes, we (Courtney and Tiffany) got a spectacular opportunity to have a group fansite interview with Jack Quaid (Marvel) and Dayo Okeniyi (Thresh). We hung out with the lovely Erin and Elena from, Beth from, and the ever awesome Aldrin from Down With The Capitol.

Here’s the emcee himself, Aldrin Gamos’ account, which you can read in full at Down With the Capitol!

Since I’m situated in Los Angeles, I attended the midnight release party at the Walmart in Santa Clarita, CA. I rode with Courtney from, where we met up with Tiffany (also from Welcome to District 12, in addition to Victors Village.) Upon walking to the entrance, we immediately noticed the huge line of people waiting to buy the DVD, in addition to meeting the cast members assigned to our location, Dayo Okeniyi and Jack Quaid. When we got there, there were about 90 people already in line, and we learned later that the line grew so much that a helicopter flew over to get a shot of the long line. Jennifer Sandler, VP of Publicity over at Lionsgate, greeted us at the door, and soon we were being led to the “Green Room,” where a fan site panel would get to interview Dayo and Jack. Courtney, Tiffany, and I were already giddy from being admitted into the store when everyone else was being kept out, but that giddiness overflowed when we turned into a hallway, where Dayo and Jack were standing…

Here’s Beth of’s take, which you can read HERE!

When we first got there, the fansites and the press were ushered into a back room at Walmart, and we had the chance to have a small, intimate Q & A with Jack and Dayo before the signings began. They are just as funny in person as they are on camera, and watching them interact together was the best part.

Here’s some of Tiffany Gustanski’s account, here in full at Victor’s Village!

It was a great night. I was very much tempted to raid WalMart’s display of Hunger Games school supplies, never mind the fact that I have been out of school for 3 years. Jack and Dayo are the sweetest, and they love the fansites so it was quite awesome getting to hang with them.

And lastly, some great insight from Erin of Fangirlish!

I am not sure who has more swag, Dayo or Jack. But we are telling you that they are two of the funniest people that we have ever met. Dayo and Jack have a presence, they walk in the room, and you can’t help but notice. They sat down, and were anxious to get to know us. We have transcribed the interview, but it doesn’t do it justice. The way that they are animated and play off each other, you can’t look away. Seriously, watch the video above, because I am telling you – you can’t help but laugh. Watch when the dimple question is asked. You won’t be able to look away.

If you couldn’t tell, EVERYBODY had the most incredible time, and it sounds like every Hunger Games fan would have absolutely loved this experience. Jack and Dayo, Hunger Games fan sites, you are all AWESOME in our book. So happy you got to experience this!

Video: Jack Quaid gets interview advice from his little sister

This video of Jack Quaid asking his little sister how he should answer interview questions for last March’s mall tour is too cute!

A ‘Hunger Games’ fan’s guide to SDCC

For all of you Hunger Games fans attending next week’s SDCC, Amy Wilkinson at MTV has compiled an informative guide of when and where all of the Hunger Games related action is going to be!  This includes various panels and  a cast signing on Saturday, July 14th that you probably won’t want to miss!

We don’t need a panel to tell us dystopia is hot, hot, hot right now, but you better believe we’re hungry to attend one anyway. On Thursday, July 12, at 3 p.m. in Room 25ABC, authors Anna North (“America Pacifica”), Neal Shusterman (“Unwind” trilogy), Lissa Price (“Starters”), Paolo Bacigalupi (“The Drowned Cities”), Michael Grant (“BZRK”), Daniel H. Wilson (“Amped”), Gennifer Albin (“Crewel”) and Marie Lu (“Legend”) will sit down to chat about the burgeoning genre.

A few hours later, head to the Blu-ray Producers 2012 panel in Room 5AB, where Cliff Stephenson (the man behind “The Hunger Games” discs) will talk shop alongside producers from many a high-profile project, including “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “Star Trek: The Next Generation-Seasons One and Two.”

There’s no denying the fanciful wardrobe of the Capitol’s citizenry was a visual high point in the series’ first installment. Fashion fiends and neophytes alike will want to flock to the Costume Designers and Illustrators: From Concept to Reality panel on Saturday, July 14, at 5 p.m. in Room 24ABC, where “Hunger Games” costume illustrator Christian Cordella will be one of many talents on hand talking about taking an imaginative vision and bringing it to stunning life onscreen.

And here it is, the pièce de résistance. To celebrate the August 18 DVD/Blu-ray release of “The Hunger Games,” Lionsgate will be hosting a star signing at its booth (#4035) on Saturday, July 14, at 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. The lineup includes Alexander Ludwig (Cato), Amandla Stenberg (Rue), Dayo Okeniyi (Thresh), Isabelle Fuhrman (Clove), Jack Quaid (Marvel) and Willow Shields (Primrose Everdeen).

Head over to MTV for the complete story and of course all information about the San Diego Comic-Con can be found at their official website.

They’re Not the Enemy

This has been a huge point of contention in Hunger Games circles: Are the Careers evil, and is it wrong to celebrate their deaths? On the one hand, they are out to kill Katniss (and seem to take pleasure in doing so), but at the same time, is it their fault when they’ve been raised and brainwashed to think this way?

In this creative illustration from, the message seems to be in favor of it not being their fault. By re-creating an image that looks somewhat like the four Careers in training, yet using the actors’ photos instead of their characters, the artist helps us identify more with these District 1 and 2 tributes as real people.

What do you think: Should we blame them or the Capitol, or some combination of the two?

There’s A Rebuttal For That – Complaint #16

Are you not entertained enough?

Complaint #16 – Some of the killings weren’t as graphic, especially Clove’s and Marvel’s.

Kait, TheFandom.Net – If you’re only paying attention to The Hunger Games for gratuitous blood and guts, maybe you should go rent a SAW movie instead. The Hunger Games isn’t about the gore, it’s about the awful role violence plays in the media. By saying you wanted graphic deaths, you’re pretty much admitting you missed the point of the books.

Aldrin, Down With The Capitol – The first time I saw the movie, I felt sick watching the cornucopia bloodbath. The fact that it’s kids killing kids should be enough to leave most people unsettled. And the violence they did show was enough for me. You shouldn’t have to see blood and guts everywhere to understand that what The Capitol is making these kids do is brutal itself.

Courtney, – I worry about all the people who think The Hunger Games wasn’t more graphic. The bloodbath made me shed tears my first viewing. It was so horrible, and there was plenty of blood. Remember, this story has an anti-violence message.

Tanvi, Hunger Games Network - The movie isn’t about blood, guts and gore. The movie is about how disgusting all of it is.

Perri, – Graphic killings, like in Saw or Hostel, have the gross-out factor. They make you cringe and squirm and that’s basically it. However, when you’ve got, let’s say, Thresh bashing Clove against the Cornucopia and it’s off camera, not seeing it, but knowing what’s happening to her makes it all the more horrifying. And actually, there were far more graphic kills than I thought there’d be. You really don’t get more blatantly vicious than when Cato snaps that boy’s neck.


To see our previous complaints, go to our Rebuttal Page

We will be posting a new complaint and our argument against it each day until all 36 complaints have been posted.  We hope that if you didn’t like the movie for any of the issues we have coming within this next month, you will continue to hear us out and at least take into consideration our reasoning/rebuttal about it. Logical comments are welcome!  All others are invalid.

Seneca Crane’s Beard on Careers

This is just absolutely ridiculous, and that’s why we love it!

Thank for this laugh.

Come to think of it, we could see Cato and Marvel rocking that beard in the Capitol someday, all while eating a piece of pig their pal Seneca Crane ordered. It really is too bad they all had to die.

It really doesn’t become Clove at all, though. She should grab one of her knives and shave it off while sneering viciously.

Speaking of Seneca Crane’s beard, we posted THIS earlier today.