#CelebrateYourVictors With New Catching Fire Posters!

Lionsgate and a slew of media sites have released new character posters for several victors featured in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire!

From Yahoo! Movies:


From MSN Movies:


From Empire Online:



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Character Images with Quotes Part 3

Remember how we posted you with some “Character images with Quotes” couple of days ago? Well, if you missed them, you can check them out HERE and HERE! They are all beautifully done by the talented behindmylove! So far we’ve seen Cinna, Haymitch, Cato and Effie’s posters. Now it’s Katniss’ turn! Check it out!

A fitting quote for a fitting heroine, right?

The Time Is Against Us – Catching Fire Poster

Hey, tributes! We’ve been exposing you to a lot of BEAUTIFUL fan-made Catching Fire posters! Aren’t you just loving them all? Speaking of great posters, check out another one below!

The clock on fire looks great, right? So creative! Thanks for sharing it with us, mockingfire!

Catching Fire Motion Poster!

Whoa! Right? How totally AWESOME is this? We are so LOVING this masterpiece! Not only is this poster thematically relevant to Catching Fire, but the animation is making it ten time cooler!

We love how the release date and the “Tick-tock” is in clock format! And the lightning/thunderbolt is one of the parts of the clock-shaped arena! Wow…this gif was well-thought out! Thank you city-night-lights! Please follow her on her tumblr!

ICYMI: Katniss Posters

We know these posters were handed out to fans during the Mall tours. But, we didn’t get a chance to drool over them. So here they are!

They look fanstastic! Wish they had released these officially, though! Thanks to theashesintofire for the tip!

Two awesome Catching Fire edits

Check out these two AMAZING Catching Fire edits made by our friend Maria, who is Maria-the-girl-who-fangirled on tumblr.

This first one is spectacular!  We have the beach from the arena and the silhouettes of Mags, Finnick, Katniss, Peeta, Johanna and Beetee all holding hands in solidarity.  The use of the characters in the image is so powerful, such a great idea!  We especially love the addition of Mags and Beetee who we don’t see nearly enough.

And here’s the second one, which is also stunning.  There is the mockingjay from the Catching Fire book cover on a clock like we have in the above image.  The colors on this are what make it so striking.   The black background with the images and words in red and yellow make this poster really stand out.  We love how the flames are creeping their way up from the bottom!

Minimalist Trilogy Posters

Jonny, a rather talented Hunger Games fan, posted these new minimalist fan-made posters on her Tumblr.

What do you think?