#CelebrateYourVictors With New Catching Fire Posters!

Lionsgate and a slew of media sites have released new character posters for several victors featured in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire!

From Yahoo! Movies:


From MSN Movies:


From Empire Online:



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Character Images with Quotes Part 3

Remember how we posted you with some “Character images with Quotes” couple of days ago? Well, if you missed them, you can check them out HERE and HERE! They are all beautifully done by the talented behindmylove! So far we’ve seen Cinna, Haymitch, Cato and Effie’s posters. Now it’s Katniss’ turn! Check it out!

A fitting quote for a fitting heroine, right?

Catching Fire Motion Poster!

Whoa! Right? How totally AWESOME is this? We are so LOVING this masterpiece! Not only is this poster thematically relevant to Catching Fire, but the animation is making it ten time cooler!

We love how the release date and the “Tick-tock” is in clock format! And the lightning/thunderbolt is one of the parts of the clock-shaped arena! Wow…this gif was well-thought out! Thank you city-night-lights! Please follow her on her tumblr!

Two awesome Catching Fire edits

Check out these two AMAZING Catching Fire edits made by our friend Maria, who is Maria-the-girl-who-fangirled on tumblr.

This first one is spectacular!  We have the beach from the arena and the silhouettes of Mags, Finnick, Katniss, Peeta, Johanna and Beetee all holding hands in solidarity.  The use of the characters in the image is so powerful, such a great idea!  We especially love the addition of Mags and Beetee who we don’t see nearly enough.

And here’s the second one, which is also stunning.  There is the mockingjay from the Catching Fire book cover on a clock like we have in the above image.  The colors on this are what make it so striking.   The black background with the images and words in red and yellow make this poster really stand out.  We love how the flames are creeping their way up from the bottom!

The Hunger Games World Premiere Weekend – Part 3


Getting ready was filled with anxiety and excitement.  We packed up our tents and exited Tent City at 6am, as requested by Nokia, so they could set up for the red carpet, which was to start at 5pm that day.  Luckily, I had met some friends who had a hotel room across the street and they were gracious enough to let me use their shower.  Showers are a good thing, especially when you plan on meeting several actors and take pictures with them.

My friends are I were scheduled to be in line by 3pm so they could situate us around the barriers that lined up the red carpet in a U-turn path for the actors.  The friends that had the hotel room were a mother and daughter team, Nancy and Taylor, that flew all the way from Baltimore, Maryland specifically for the world premiere.  You might have seen them in many pictures of the fans there because they were two of only three people that I’ve seen go in costume for the event.

Taylor the daughter (left) and Nancy the mother (right) in Capitol fashion.

Taylor (left) created her posters the night before.

Nancy and Taylor with District 2 Facebook Mayor, Aldrin Gamos

Taylor with her Peeta sign

District 2 Mayor showing support for his District's Tribute Boy, Cato

I found another girl, Kacie, dressed up as a Capitol Citizen.  I’m pretty sure that the sequel will bring out more Capitol fashion on the next premiere.

Hunger Games fan, Kacie, in Capitol fashion

Kacie even displayed Capitol makeup for the occasion.

Not to be left out, these girl scouts sported some signage of their own:


The line was buzzing, but it was only the beginning.

Lionsgate had handed out numbers (which they really should’ve done in order from the beginning on Sunday morning) that represented our place in the lineup along the barriers of the red carpet.  I was #34 getting into Tent City, and then ended up being #124 in the barrier lineup.  It was a slight issue that I hope will be rectified for the sequels.

After a bit of adjusting ourselves against the barrier, it was just a waiting game.  Some of us were actually on the second row of bleachers, but I shimmied my way into the first row, right against the railing.  Don’t ask me how, because I had two rows of people to get through.  One thing to know is that I did not shove my way in… well, not really.  We were all very courteous towards each other, and it paid off immensely.  The people in front of me actually wanted to switch with me since they wanted the higher vantage point.  I for one, wanted to get up there!

A couple of girls behind us on the bleachers sported these amazing fan-made purses with images of Peeta on both sides.  I actually wanted one myself after seeing how wonderful they looked:

Fans on one side of the barrier and the press on the other side of the barrier, we were both ready and waiting.  The actors and celebrities would be walking the black carpet that spaced the gap between us.  It was buzzing with excitement, more so from our side than the press side, obviously.  We were ready.

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‘What If’ Posters

Entertainment Weekly came out with an intriguing and often humorous article about what the Hunger Games poster would look like if directed by someone other than Gary Ross.  You can see how a director’s style is often portrayed in their movie poster, and some of these are just great, while others are just plain ludicrous, but still fun to look at.  Here are some of the most interesting ones (if not funny), in my opinion.

Director: Woody Allen


Director: Nancy Meyers


Director: Roger Corman


Director: Frederico Fellini


Director: Nicolas Winding Refn


Director: Alfred Hitchcock


Director: Michael Bay


Obviously, the most ridiculous one has to be the Michael Bay poster.  I couldn’t help but just laugh about it.  So, what do you think of them?  Can you see how poster can change the way a movie is portrayed?  If you want to check out more posters, including David Fincher, Peter Jackson, Disney, and Garry Marshall, go to EW.com.

Just Stay Alive, Katniss!

“Stay alive!” It’s so easy for us to take those words for granted as we have the luxury of reading YA novels in our first-world lives. Have you ever considered: The odds ever ARE in our favor.

And for Katniss? 1 in 24. 4.17%. You have a better chance of flipping tails four times in a row than surviving the Games. Imagine the second you get heads, you die. That is how scary this was for Katniss.

So when Haymitch tells Katniss to “stay alive,” think about just how frightening and difficult that is. Great artistry here representing that very emotion by nowshutupandeatyourpears.tumblr.com

Source: peenisseverlark.tumblr.com