‘What If’ Posters

Entertainment Weekly came out with an intriguing and often humorous article about what the Hunger Games poster would look like if directed by someone other than Gary Ross.  You can see how a director’s style is often portrayed in their movie poster, and some of these are just great, while others are just plain ludicrous, but still fun to look at.  Here are some of the most interesting ones (if not funny), in my opinion.

Director: Woody Allen


Director: Nancy Meyers


Director: Roger Corman


Director: Frederico Fellini


Director: Nicolas Winding Refn


Director: Alfred Hitchcock


Director: Michael Bay


Obviously, the most ridiculous one has to be the Michael Bay poster.  I couldn’t help but just laugh about it.  So, what do you think of them?  Can you see how poster can change the way a movie is portrayed?  If you want to check out more posters, including David Fincher, Peter Jackson, Disney, and Garry Marshall, go to EW.com.

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