5 scenes from ‘Catching Fire’ Next Movie predicts we’ll see being filmed

With filming set to begin very soon for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Next Movie has predicted five scenes we’ll see being filmed.  Check out their list below, but be warned it is full of spoilers!

Beachside Arena Sequences
Many of the arena sequences in the Third Quarter Quell’s Games take place within the cover of the jungle, but there are also a few key moments in or near water. The beginning of the Games, for instance, are totally water-based. Some ocean scenes can be done in-studio, of course, but it’s not nearly as easy to conceal from the public eye a beach-side set (see the boat-line security Summit had to put together for the “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” set in Brazil, e.g.). So, there’s a chance we might get to see moments like when Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence), Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) and Finnick Odair (Sam Claflin) are all recovering from the poisonous gas section of the clock-style arena. Or when Johanna (Jena Malone) evacuates Wiress (Amanda Plummer) and Beetee from the blood rain segment. Hawaiians, get your cameras readied just in case you stumble across some action.

Tribute Parade Party
The “Hunger Games” tribute parade was shot in-studio, so the actual scene itself might be kept well under wraps, but that doesn’t mean we won’t catch a castmate or two meandering around the Atlanta area in costume, especially if the various parties and events of the book get any play in the movie. Goodness help us if we just so happen to catch an early glimpse of Finnick in his, well, revealing get-up during that scene! Go ahead and just start staking out that Georgia Dome for us, would ya?

Train Scenes and Visiting the Districts
In the beginning of the story, Katniss and Peeta are still victors, so they are sent to dutifully tour the districts of Panem (all the while dealing with the looming threat of President Snow’s watchful eye). One of the perks of working in Atlanta is that the city already has a modern monorail system in place, so perhaps locals will spot their trusty trains being used for the movie. All aboard!

Public Square Beating
Poor Gale (Liam Hemsworth) has a rough go in “Catching Fire.” After he and Katniss romp around in the woods and snare up a wild turkey, the newly toughened peacekeepers decide to make an example of him and whip him within an inch of his life. Even Katniss takes a lashing across the cheek in order to stop the madness. Not only is the scene an outdoor one (in the District 12 town square), but it’s also heavily populated with frightened onlookers from the Seam, so there’s definitely a chance someone’ll catch a look at that moment as well.

Destroyed District 12
The most common early spottings of “The Hunger Games” in production were of various set constructions — Mellark’s Bakery, for example. At the tail end of “Catching Fire,” Katniss learns that the place she once begrudgingly called home was destroyed while she was out fending off ravenous monkeys and soul-crushing jabberjays. Eagle-eyed as “Hunger Games” fans are, we predict someone may just sleuth out this set of destruction too.

Can you think of any others?  Let us know!

Thanks to hungergamesdwtc.net for the tip!

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