Wes Bentley Has Joined Twitter!

In a recent interview with Next Movie, Wes Bentley (Seneca Crane), confirmed that he has just joined twitter! He’s @realwesbentley if you want to follow!

wes bently

In the interview, he also talked a little about The Hunger Games and working with Jennifer Lawrence.

Looking back on “The Hunger Games” a year later, do you still have a most memorable fan interaction?
I was, one time, working out at a gym in Albuquerque and I felt some people staring at me, and suddenly I felt uncomfortable. I didn’t know why they were staring at me. And then, this girl came up to me and held out a racquetball to me. And I was just looking at the racquetball, and then she handed me a pen. She wanted me to sign her racquetball. I thought that was strange.

You got to work with Jennifer Lawrence before she became such a huge star. What was your relationship with her during filming? Because you also started acting at a young age, did you give her any advice as a newcomer?
You know, I didn’t want to overstep my bounds and just give advice without asking. But we clicked, and I love Jen, like everybody does. She’s just hilarious, and we got along great and had moments. And I just said to her, “Look, I know a little bit about what you might be feeling or what’s about to happen, and if you ever just want to talk to somebody about it, then call me.” Of course, it’s way bigger than anything I ever had to deal with. And we text sometimes and joke, and she deals with it well, it seems like. But I’ll always be there if she wants to give a call or if she’s feeling like it’s too much.

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Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper Discuss ‘Catching Fire’ with MTV

While promoting their upcoming film, The Silver Linings Playbook, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper talked to MTV about Catching Fire in Toronto.  As you will see below Mr. Cooper is quite the Hunger Games fan, who knew?

It seems that “Hangover” actor, currently at the Toronto International Film Festival promoting his and co-star Jennifer Lawrence’s new film “The Silver Linings Playbook,” is the latest person to catch fire and become a “Hunger Games” fan. “I just saw it,” Cooper told a surprised Lawrence when MTV News spoke with the pair at TIFF. “I didn’t even tell you? I didn’t text you?”

Cooper further proved his “Hunger Games” fandom by listing reasons why he’s excited for “Catching Fire” to come out. “Philip Seymour Hoffman is in this,” he said. “He’s unbelievable.”

The Oscar-winning “Capote” star isn’t the only newcomer on board for “Catching Fire.” Sam Claflin was recently cast as Finnick, and Lawrence expressed her own excitement over the casting. “He’s wonderful. He’s really sweet, a great, wonderful actor. He’s got a great American accent.”

Excited as he is for Lawrence’s next turn as the Girl on Fire, Cooper admitted his disappointment that a certain character won’t be back for the sequel.

“I’m bummed out that Wes Bentley got killed. He was awesome,” he said. When MTV’s Josh Horowitz tried to assure him that Bentley’s character, Seneca Crane, might still be alive, both Cooper and Lawrence were quick to shut him down, knowing full well that the door closing on Seneca meant the gamemaker’s death.

“It’s kind of like a Tupac situation,” Lawrence explained nonchalantly.

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Seneca Who?

The Beard is still everywhere!  Yeah, we know this is pretty silly but how can you not love a raindrop with Seneca Crane’s Beard on it? Or anything else that rhymes exactly or approximately with Crane?  Seriously?!

We’re not sure who pieced this together but we found it at imgfave.com

Seneca Crane finds the Burn Book

High school gossip strikes Panem! Here is another meme courtesy of the incomparable Meangirlsofpanem tumblr! Seneca Crane has found the Burn Book and look what scandal he discovered.

Of course Glimmer would be in this one, wouldn’t she?

If you haven’t yet visited this AWESOME tumblr you should consider doing so. It’s full of funny stuff!

Seneca Crane Wants ‘The Hunger Games’ DVD

You may recall some of Risa Rodil’s extraordinary work from previous posts, like this AMAZING Hunger Games periodic table, this Catching Fire poster, or this title artwork. She is an otherworldly, one-of-a-kind talent.

And in her tradition of excellence, here’s a little change of pace:

It seems our friend Seneca is looking forward to the DVD release just as much as we are! Except we’re probably looking forward to Risa Rodil’s next incredible creation with even more gusto. Risa, you are incredible!

You can follow Risa on Twitter @risaaang. Tell her how great she is!

There’s A Rebuttal For That – Complaint #34

Did Seneca Crane die too soon?

Complaint #34 – I can’t believe they put in the death of Seneca! THAT IS A SECOND BOOK EVENT!

TFGeekGirl, TheFandom.Net – Not so.  Crane’s death happened sometime between the first and second book.  Obviously, it happened right after Katniss & Peeta’s victory.  Makes sense.  For the film to be a standalone, this was the perfect place to put it.

Jessi, TheFandom.Net – Another beautiful added scene!  I always assumed, actually, that this is about when Seneca was killed.  It’s just after the games, I don’t know why President Snow would keep him alive once he realizes he wants him dead.  We don’t find out about it until the second book because of our limitations of only knowing what Katniss knows. This was such a clever addition to the film, even if it isn’t accurate I don’t care!

Aldrin, Down With The Capitol – Just because the execution of Seneca Crane was mentioned in the second book doesn’t mean that’s when it happened. That’s merely when Katniss found out about it. As mentioned, it would make more sense to execute Seneca promptly after the end of the 74th Games, to send a message that he shouldn’t have let Katniss and Peeta upstage The Capitol the way they did. It was actually a perfect conclusion to the additional scenes between Seneca and Snow.

Tanvi, Hunger Games Network - How do you KNOW it was a second book event? Second book is when Katniss hears of it. For all we know, Seneca Crane might have been executed the very second Games promotion wrapped up. I cannot emphasize enough on how brilliant this part of the movie was.

Savanna, HG Fireside Chat – I could spend days gushing about this scene. It was absolutely brilliant! But aside from just being generally incredible, its inclusion was also a very STRATEGIC choice on the part of Gary Ross/whoever came up with the idea. Since many people watching the movie will NOT have read the books, they needed to make sure that the film ended in a suspenseful, intriguing way that would lead into Catching Fire. This scene shows us — the audience — that Snow is pissed. That his threats aren’t meaningless. That even though the Games are over and Katniss and Peeta are Victors, they’re not actually safe. No one is.

Luly - First of all, the news of his death are known in the 2nd book, it doesn’t necessarily happen in the 2nd book. Second of all, the fact that they included that scene worked in different levels: it allowed you to see how cruel the Capitol is, how President Snow works and how dangerous it is for those who don’t do as he says. That little scene there on its own pictured Snow’s personality completely and the way that the Capitol behaves, not to mention the way in which they manage what whoever didn’t do as they expected. Being included in the first movie also shows it as a “conclusion” of the 74th Games, you understand that something like that wasn’t supposed to happen and it’s a total anomaly, that what Katniss and Peeta did was something as important as to kill who was unable to stop them. You need that idea for the end of the first movie.

To see our previous complaints, go to our Rebuttal Page

We will be posting a new complaint and our argument against it each day until all 36 complaints have been posted.  We hope that if you didn’t like the movie for any of the issues we have coming within this next month, you will continue to hear us out and at least take into consideration our reasoning/rebuttal about it. Logical comments are welcome!  All others are invalid.

Awesome fan art

I found this lovely sketch made by cuethememusic  through thehungergamestrilogy tumblr, which I help run. What I love about it so much is how the artist was able to capture the personalities belonging to the characters. Very nicely done indeed!

Feel free to check out her blog for more of her awesome work .


There’s A Rebuttal For That – Complaint #12

You really prefer The Hunger Games without Seneca Crane’s Beard?

Complaint #12 – They could have left this part out with Snow and Crane and added stuff that was in the first book that was left out.

TFGeekGirl, TheFandom.Net – The Snow and Crane scenes were essential for knowing what was going on outside of Katniss’ POV and giving the viewers more information as a standalone film.  There were no guarantees that a sequel was going to be made, and they very well acted scenes.  It gives you a chance to delve earlier in the series of who the real enemies are, giving you a hint of what’s to come if the movie is successful.  Besides, how could you not want Seneca Crane’s Beard to be given the spotlight?

Jessi, HungerGamesFandom.Net – I could not disagree with this complaint more!  All of the added scenes were relevant, especially the rose garden ones with Seneca Crane and President Snow.  Not only do they provide a solid explanation to the true role The Hunger Games play in Panem, but also show Snow’s growing displeasure with Seneca, which ultimately leads to his death. Plus it sheds some light on just how long Katniss has been under Snow’s radar. His true villainous persona is brought to life in these scenes.

Courtney, WelcomeToDistrict12.com – The added Snow and Crane scenes were without a doubt, one of the film’s most greatest qualities. It was the smartest choice to articulate to the audience what the Hunger Games is really about, and communicate to them what the next installment has to offer.

Stacy, GirlsintheStacks.com – Rue’s story was in the movie. Fundamentally, everything that she represented was imparted – her innocence and her ability to go unseen. .

Tiffany,  VictorsVillage.com – The extra scenes with Snow and Crane really give audiences a sense of Snow as a villain. In the first book, there is only a hint of Snow’s role as a villain at the very end with the crowning and a lot of that is told in her thoughts, something that doesn’t work on film without a cheesy voiceover. It is important to give the audience a sense of what Katniss will be up against in the following movies.

Tanvi, Hunger Games Network - That was one of my most favorite scenes in the movie! It shows us a greater insight into what the politics in Panem is like, why Seneca Crane is the way he is, why he must loosen the fireball upon Katniss. The structure of the movie is deliberately like this so non fans can understand the movie and the actual implication of the story.


To see our previous complaints, go to our Rebuttal Page

We will be posting a new complaint and our argument against it each day until all 36 complaints have been posted.  We hope that if you didn’t like the movie for any of the issues we have coming within this next month, you will continue to hear us out and at least take into consideration our reasoning/rebuttal about it. Logical comments are welcome!  All others are invalid.