Mahogany ecard has made up a few Hunger Games themed ecards of their own (you know they’re everywhere now!).  This one conveys a message Effie would be proud of!

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But When I Do, It’s Mahogany

Mahogany madness may have died down a little since it took the world by storm a couple of weeks ago, but this new meme — combining the genius of the Dos Equis’ “Most Interesting Man in the World” commercials — proves that it’s still as popular a wood as ever.

This funny Hunger Games meme comes courtesy of, and it had me laughing quite a bit. What I’d like to know is if mahogany sales have started to go up. Think about it: If you were debating between a few kinds of wood for your new coffee table, wouldn’t this line make you pick mahogany? (Too bad I don’t need a coffee table or I’d be on that right now, ready to leave a knife mark).

Let’s do mahogany one more time

This is just funny.  No explanation necessary.


Cherrywood replaces mahogany

Check out this letter Effie wrote to Mahogany.  Looks like it is being replaced with Cherrywood, which is sad. It’s always difficult being replaced.  Does this mean Mahogany’s 15 minutes of fame is now over and we need to move on?  Will we be able to?

“That is Cherrywood!” just doesn’t sound right.


Ask Effie Trinket, Mahogany

This is great stuff! We stumbled upon and found this correspondence:

Feel free to ask Effie all kinds of things. And as we alluded to in our first Heffie post, we wouldn’t put it past Haymitch and Effie to do something — on or off a mahogany table. If something like “dinner” were to happen on any table, though, we’d bet Effie would want it to be mahogany.

And can’t you imagine Effie shouting in the throes of “dinner:”


followed by


Haymitch + Effie = Heffie

With Peeniss and Glato going on with reckless abandon, we turn our attention to a pretty popular ship: Heffie (that’s Haymitch and Effie). This one got some serious legs in the movie, with plenty of sexual tension at some points and “old married couple”-ish behavior in others.

Look at this stunning image from Yeah, that pretty much sums up the nature of Haymitch and Effie.

Best Haymitch-Effie lines:

Haymitch: Loosen up your corset, have a drink.

Haymitch: Nice dress. Not yours (indicating Effie).

Effie: THAT IS MAHOGANY! (of course!)

But perhaps the most telling one isn’t even a funny line. It’s when Effie DOES have a little to drink and seems to loosen up a bit. Do you all remember that? She says, in a kind of seductive voice:

“Oh Hayyymitch…” before he sits down like he’s joining a brunch at the country club.

There’s something going on there. We can sense it. And we love it!

Mahogany Magic

I’m glad I am not the only person who didn’t realize this:

Apparently tumblr user fandomity didn’t notice it before now either!

I actually own this and never put two and two together!

Here’s proof for those of you who do not possess of bottle of it, courtesy of tumblr user princecharmingfirth