The Hunger Games Fandom Makes List of Most Devoted Fan Bases

Vulture  recently compiled a list and ranked the top 25 most devoted fan bases and The Hunger Games Fandom makes an impressive appearance at the number 7 spot!

Hunger Games
POPULARITY: Suzanne Colllins’s book trilogy is Amazon’s best-selling series of all time, while the 2012 film counterpart had the fifth-biggest opening weekend in history ($152.5 million domestic) and became the thirteenth-biggest-grossing domestic movie of all time ($408 million). Has inspired countless tie-ins (a cookbook, a sports club workout, a $999 Mockingjay pin).




MAIN HANGOUTS:, Hunger Games Tumblrs

AVERAGE DEMOGRAPHIC: Female, teen, or teen at heart. Thanks to better writing and kid-on-kid violence, the franchise attracts a wider following than its vampire counterpart, Twilight, but the core audience is still young women.

DEVOTIONAL PROFILE: Mere hours after Jennifer Lawrence was cast as the big-screen Katniss in 2011, the forums were rumbling: She’s not skinny enough! She’s too fair-skinned! Her hair is (gasp) blonde! The immediate outrage over Lawrence — a 20-year-old Oscar nominee and an obviously talented actress — was about fidelity; Collins’s books enthralled young readers (and the elders who read along with them) because of their precise, horrifying detail. So cue the ever-vigilant Hunger Games fan Tumblr, which monitors casting notices and opines daily about which actors meet the exacting specifications of the source material for the upcoming sequels. They post set photos and analyze costume and makeup decisions. They speculate endlessly about which minor characters will or will not make it into the movie.

And though it is young adults (read: teen girls) who participate most enthusiastically in this online behavior, the Hunger Games phenomenon has overtaken their elders, too. It is hard to find a parent without an opinion on the franchise’s violence or a twentysomething female without an opinion on Gale versus Peeta. Most crucially, it is near-impossible to meet anyone who has not seen the movie: The widespread book-to-movie obsession resulted in an astounding opening and toppled all previous Twilight records. Should there be any doubt about continued interest, just consult the fan sites, where a never-ending war rages on about the physical embodiment of Finnick Odair and whether Sam Claflin is fit to play him. (Spoiler alert: He is probably not. But a record number of moviegoers will buy tickets to find out.)

You can check out all 25 fan bases by clicking here.

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The Victors Will Fall

Check out this very simple but pretty cool Catching Fire inspired poster!


Mystery Tribute Spotted on Catching Fire Set

Looking at all the on set pictures of Catching Fire over the last two days, you could be forgiven for missing this one! It seems that Lionsgate have more cast more people than they would have us believe! Just take a look at the below picture, same shoes as the other Quarter Quell Victors, and same robe, could this be one of the as of yet unnamed Tributes? Sound off in the comments! Who do you think this could be?

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This week’s tributes by Nikola Nickart

By now you know we’re HUGE fans of Nikola-Nickart, he constantly creates great fandom related art.  And you’ve probably noticed that once a new cast member has been announced by Lionsgate he creates a piece with the actor as the character.  Well feast you eyes on this weeks latest which includes all four of this week’s newest cast members!

What a week, right?  Let’s hope this trend continues through the weekend as I rather like getting a new cast member a day.  Though maybe I’m getting spoiled.  I’m sure whenever we get our next bit of casting news, Nikola Nickart will contribute something awesome to the fandom, as per usual!

There’s A Rebuttal For That – Complaint #23

After a while, they’re all just eyes and without the faces, it’s hard distinguish one from the other in a moment’s glance.

Complaint #23 – The wolf-mutts seen were supposed to have the eyes of the dead tributes.

TFGeekGirl, TheFandom.Net – Apparently Gary Ross explained why he decided to forgo that detailing, and I can understand it given the medium.  The pacing of that part was so critical, that to have them slow the momentum down during that point just to have Katniss and Peeta point it out to each other, and then all of a sudden have Cato rush in and start attacking wouldn’t have made sense.  I mean, he was there before they were, right?  Would he wait until they finished observing the details of their face before he interrupted them to kill them?  Because they would have basically had to give them time and us time to thoroughly look at those vicious faces and make the connection.  It works great in a book because books are all about the details, but not so much in a movie.  Yeah, it would have been cool to really see those eyes, or in regards to the concept art, those faces, but I was still impressed with what they looked like.  Read about Ross’ explanation and see the concept pictures by Ian Joyner.

Adam, HG Fireside Chat – This would have been an extremely costly endeavor, and it also might have caused The Hunger Games to lose its PG-13 rating. My guess is that they gave it a shot and thought it looked bad. And really, there’s enough brutality and viciousness in this film without it. It doesn’t really take away from the grandeur of the film, while leaving a little more for fans who have read the book to think about.

Aldrin, Down With The Capitol – I have to admit that I was initially disappointed with the mutts. The bit in the book about using the dead Tribute’s eyes in the mutts was one of the most haunting parts of the book’s finale. However, the more I thought about it, the more I was thankful they left the eyes alone. For the audience that didn’t read the books, there’s no way they would be able to pick up the significance behind the eye color unless it was explained to them. There’s already a running joke on Caesar and Cladius interrupting the Games to describe what Tracker Jackers are. Can you imagine them explaining about the eyes in the heat of the moment? It wouldn’t have worked.

Luly - I was surprised about them leaving  that out at first but now I consider that it wasn’t that bad. If they had included it, there would have been more explanation and time needed for Katniss to realize this, for the audience to realize it and to build the emotions on that situation. The use of the eyes was an element that helped show how cruel and vicious the Capitol was, which in the movie was already reinforced by Snow’s and Seneca’s conversations, by Seneca’s Nightlock scene and by Cato’s epiphany and how he came to understand, as a career tribute, that he was no more than another element in the games. With all those new elements, the idea of how cruel the Capitol is was explained without the need of going overboard with the mutts.

Courtney, – Even in the hands of the most talented of CGI artists, this could have gone from an intense and terrifying moment to an extremely fake one.

Tanvi, Hunger Games Network - I did think there was a shiny green glint in one of the wolves’ eyes. Okay, maybe I’m stretching it too far and I’ll admit that did cross my mind, I don’t think it really mattered in front of the assault.


To see our previous complaints, go to our Rebuttal Page

We will be posting a new complaint and our argument against it each day until all 36 complaints have been posted.  We hope that if you didn’t like the movie for any of the issues we have coming within this next month, you will continue to hear us out and at least take into consideration our reasoning/rebuttal about it. Logical comments are welcome!  All others are invalid.

Hunger Games survival analysis

If you are interested in seeing some in depth charts, graphs and statistics on survival in the Hunger Games, look no further.  Grad student Brett Keller obviously spent a lot of time compiling this, totally worth checking out.

As a student of epidemiology and economics I feel duty-bound to apply my cursory knowledge of statistics to the novel natural cohort presented in the Hunger Games novel, as documented by author Suzanne Collins. I present a Hunger Games survival analysis: in a Cox proportional hazards model, which covariates are associated with the odds (or hazard ratios) being ever in your favor? A taste of what’s to come:

The agenda:

  1. an explanation of the Hunger Games and facts relevant to this analysis
  2. a snappy literature review of peripherally-related things other scholars have written on the subject
  3. construction and presentation of data set
  4. do the Gamemakers rig the draw? an analysis of expected lottery outcomes in scenarios differing by tessera and demographic trends
  5. the main event: a Cox proportional hazard model to explore predictors of survival time in the 74th annual Hunger Games.

(Spoiler alert: there will be book spoilers throughout this post. I haven’t read the second and third books yet, so please don’t spoil them for me or others in the comments. I look forward to analyzing their data as well, and the integrity of this very important research will be enhanced if I can pre-specify the hypotheses I’ll test before I’ve observed the outcomes. Data-mining is not the  fanboy way.)

There is so much more, make sure you continue reading HERE

Mock Hunger Games at The University of Hawaii

This is one of the more interesting things I have read in a while.  If you attend the University of Hawaii and have a GPA of 2.0 or less, your name will be added to the reaping bowl!  Of course students will not have to fight to the death, but they will have to be interviewed in front of a live audience. This interview will also stream live on the university’s website, which could be pretty embarrassing!    See details below!

The University of Hawaii may be the first educational institution to implement a learning system that mocks the popular book series “The Hunger Games.”

In the books, children are chosen from each district to fight till the death in what is called the Hunger Games.

Similarly, UH officials have decided to create their own version of the game amongst failing undergraduate students — or those who have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or lower — where their names will be put into a drawing to become a “tribute.”

One male and one female student from each of the 10 campuses of the university will be chosen as tribute.

But don’t worry, folks. They don’t actually have to kill each other in order to win.

Rather, they must go through weeks of training by being interviewed in front of a live audience, which will be streamed on the university’s website in realtime, and also by being enrolled in study hall for at least four hours a day.

Needless to say, these 20 students will be under the pressure of having their friends and family watching them, which officials hope will motivate students to improve on their grades in order to avoid public embarrassment.

Though officials are unsure about the details that go into the new system, the ‘Games’ have been planned to happen every summer. The 20 students or tributes will be chosen by a random lottery a week after spring semester finals.

If the University of Hawaii actually succeeds at improving students’ grades with its new system, other university officials say they might just practice it themselves as a fun and innovate way for the community to get involved with student education.

What do you think of this? If nothing else I do believe this could be a good motivator to get students to keep their grades up.  It would work on me!

Source: Seattle University Spectator Blog

Make sure you click on that link above to reveal the true nature of these games!  This was all an April Fool’s prank – Good job University of Hawaii!